Report Help & FAQ

Report Help

Report Method 1 – From this homepage

  1. Click SUBMIT A REPORT at the top of this page.
  2. In the Report Title box, add a fun title (e.g. Bottle-free Bondai!).
  3. Add a description. This field is mandatory, so if you do not wish to add a description, please simply type "x".
  4. Date & Time. Don’t worry about this too much. You can modify this to be the correct time of your trash collection, but it's not really necessary. Our clock is set to UTC, which is the same as GMT or "Zulu Time". 
  5. Category. Select "Bag Collected" for a regular beach-cleaning action.
    *You can also Promote your Beach Cleaning Event or get a unique category for your group's actions.

  6. Number of bags. Please click how many bags of trash you collected.
  7. Add percentages for different types of trash you collected. (e.g. Plastic bottles 40, Polystyrene 20 etc.)
  8. Optional Information. Please add your information if you wish to be eligible for prizes! This information is ONLY visible to Bag-A-Surf staff. We will not pass it on to any third party, nor attempt to profit from possession of your information in any way. 
  9. Set your location. Just below the map, enter your general location where it says "City, State and/or Country". Then click the 'Find Location' button. Move the marker to pinpoint your location.  
  10. The Refine Location Name field is required. Feel free to add the name of the beach. Click Submit!

Report Method 2 - Ushahidi app on smartphone

  1. Install free Ushahidi app to your smartphone. Add the "bagasurf" map to the app map page. The URL is "". This will sync your Ushahidi app to Bag-A-Surf. 
  2. In the Title box, add the time taken (e.g. 15mins).
  3. Add a description. This field is mandatory, so if you do not wish to add a description, please simply type "x".
  4. Category. (Select "Bag Collected").
  5. Date. Your smartphone will fill in the time automatically.
  6. Location.  Your smartphone will fill in your location automatically.
  7. Photos. Add a photo if you like! (max size 2MB)
  8. News. Enter a news article URL if it's relevant.
  9. Click the red Add button at the top-right of the screen, and wait a few moments for the report to be sent to us! This may take longer if you have added a picture (max size 2MB).

Report Method 3 - Twitter app on smartphone 

  1. Install free Twitter app to your smartphone.
  2. Make sure location services are turned on.
  3. To report, just tweet   "time taken #bagasurf" (e.g. "20mins #bagasurf")
That's it! Easy, eh? First time users need to be approved by our staff, so there may be a short delay before your report appears on the map. (This is to prevent spam).

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a bag?

We're imagining your average-size shopping bag, but really, we're not fussy! The idea is to just get the trash out!   

I want to add or change the data in my report. What should I do?

No problem. Just send us an email saying what you wish to change. 

I don't live near a beach. How can I participate?

No problem. Bag-A-Surf is always delighted to get reports of clean-ups done at rivers, lakes, or other waterways!