How to Participate

It's simple! All you have to do is:

1) Fill a plastic bag (preferably used) with trash when you next visit the beach (or other waterway).

2) Take a picture (e.g. of you and your bag of trash).

3) Report your beach-cleaning action to us. For details of our reporting systems, click here!

4) Dispose of the trash properly.

*To see a simple video example, please click here!

Extra Info:


While participating in Bag-A-Surf be sure to take adequate care of the safety of yourself and others. While participating in Bag-A-Surf you assume full responsibility for the risks associated with cleaning beaches. Bag-A-Surf committee members shall not bear any liability in the event of an accident. Watch out for these hazards:

Sharp Things!
E.g. Glass, Bottles, Metal, Cans, Syringes...
Bag-A-Surf strongly recommends you wear gloves and shoes during any beach cleaning activity. There are sometimes pieces of glass and metal underneath the sand. If a piece of trash looks dangerous, don't take the risk of picking it up with bare hands! 

Hot things!
Be sure beach fires are cold before you walk or collect trash near them.

Unknown things!
You may find cans, containers, or bottles containing unknown substances on the beach. In this case, we advise you do not open and sniff the contents. If you're not sure what's inside, put it in your bag with the top firmly secured. 

Dead things!
You may find dead fish, birds, or other animals on the beach. Be sure not to touch them!

Stingy ouchy things!
E.g. Jellyfish...
Make sure you know of any dangerous local flora and fauna before you begin your action.

Waves, tides and water!
Beaches and rivers can be dangerous! Big waves have been known to sweep fishermen off jetties. Tides can rise extremely quickly. Please pay attention to what the water is doing! Be sure to get local advice before you begin.

Sourcing used bags

To ensure you always have a bag on hand when you go to the beach! Here are a couple of ideas:

*Make a used plastic bag store next to your front door or in your car.
*Replenish your bag store with old shopping bags from your house or your neighbour's. You may have a neighbour or friend nearby who has a cupboard full of old plastic bags.
*Set up a weatherproof box of plastic bags right by your local beach!  

Please do not use new plastic bags for Bag-A-Surf. The idea is to try and get the plastic out of the system, not add to it.

Trash disposal

Please ensure you dispose of the trash you collect properly!

Some beaches have designated places for leaving trash. At others the municipality comes round to pick up trash at particular times. In these cases, please ensure that when you leave the trash the bag is firmly sealed. Also, please take the trash away with you when there are strong winds or high seas as the trash may be blown or washed away.

In our experience, many convenience stores and supermarkets will allow you to dispose of the trash in their bins if you ask nicely!

In any case, please separate trash properly according to the store's or municipality's trash disposal rules.

*If you believe you have found a toxic or dangerous item of trash, Bag-A-Surf advises that you contact your municipality for further instructions.