The ocean.

The birthplace of life on earth.

Source of food, livelihood, adventure, beauty, and mystery for billions...

Yet every day, more and more of modern societys trash flows into the ocean.

For the sake of all beings, and especially our children, Bag-A-Surf wants to work with anyone and everyone to stop this destruction and rehabilitate the ocean ecosystems.

Its easy to ignore what you cant see, and most of us dont get to see beneath the waves very often.
Thats why Bag-A-Surfs first goal is to create a powerful picture of this trashing of the worlds oceans.

How? By crowd-sourcing marine debris data and pictures from beach-cleaners all around the world.
Anyone can participate, anywhere, anytime. Just clean a beach, take a picture, connect to our homepage and submit a report.

Individuals can participate at their own time and pace. Groups can participate and promote their activities too.
Whoever you are, Bag-A-Surf allows you to put your beach-cleaning action on the map.

To spice things up, every report submitted automatically becomes a lottery ticket. We've just sent original Bag-A-Surf organic T-Shirts to 5 participants around the world. We are also connecting global beach-cleaners on our Facebook Page and Group, and through Twitter and our blog (coming soon).
Let's build a massive community and get our voices heard!

Bag-A-Surf is:

Rob Pott (dreamer-surfer-teacher-bagger)
Tim Exley (mac geek-paraglider-coffee lover-future surfer)
Mark Wild (editor)
Duncan Edwards & Ryosuke Miyamoto (codemasters)
Jay & Jazel MarineScape (Spanish language support)
Satsuki Pott (Japanese language support, groupie)

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