No Pla No.1 – Beach Clean & Picnic




Thanks to everyone who participated in Sunday’s event. We had about 20 people come for the beach-clean, 10 for the mini-talk, and 7 for the no plastic picnic. It was a great opportunity to think and talk about how to prepare food with less waste.

We got 4 bags of trash out in 10 minutes, and enjoyed a super-relaxed atmosphere. We hope to organize another event soon. Everyone’s welcome!





Bag-A-Surf heads to the WIN conference in Darwin, Asutralia

WIN-LogoG’day mates! Bag-A-Surf is at the World Indigenous Network (WIN) conference in Darwin Australia! partners Nobozyztrash. This year marks the first WIN conference and we are proud to be asked to be part of it, with our partners Nobodyztrash, by the Australian government.

WIN has as its goals the bringing together of indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, land and sea managers to share stories, knowledge, cultural experiences and ideas to better manage ecosystems, protect the environment and support sustainable livelihoods.

The overall aim of the World Indigenous Network is to encourage:

  • better conservation of biological diversity and sustainable use of natural resources
  • improved social cohesion
  • increased economic opportunities and the alleviation of poverty.

We are currently in downtown Darwin, recovering from 26hrs of traveling from Japan. The conference runs  from May 26-May 29 and we hope to bring you further updates.

Meet Melissa George Co-Chair WIN National Advisory Group as she gives some background on the conference.
Ms Melissa George, Co-Chair WIN National Advisory Group


Bag-a-Surf @ Green Room Festival 2013

Yokohama International HS


Isumi Beach Clean & No Plastic Picnic Contest

In 2013 Bag-a-Surf is running the “No Pla Campaign”, a series of events to encourage people to reduce their plastic footprint.

We are delighted to announce our first event in the series….
Isumi Beach Clean & No Plastic Picnic Contest!!!!

When: From 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, 26th May
Place: Sangenya Beach, Isumi (meeting in front of the toilets)
What to bring: Beach-cleaning kit (gloves, tongs etc.) & your No Pla Picnic!
***What’s a No Pla Picnic? It’s simple – it’s a picnic that produces no plastic waste!

1) Beach-clean! (about 15 minutes)
2) Mini Presentation! (about 10 minutes) <a short, fun presentation about global marine debris in Japanese>
3) No Pla Picnic Contest! Let’s enjoy seeing what everyone brings, and then let’s eat together!

Participation is free!!!!

バガサーフの「ノープラ」イベント Vol.1





「ノープラ」イベント Vol. 1
ビーチクリーニング & ピクニック !
日時:5月26日(日)10:00 ビーチのトイレ前集合


Bag-A-Surf in Britain!

Starting a beach clean after a surf at Boscombe Pier.
Thanks to Sorted Surf for the surf gear.
We’ll be in the UK until April 7. Who’s up for a collaboration?


Marine debris presentation at high school

Umi ga suki!  We love the ocean!

Umi ga suki!
We love the ocean!

I’ll clean the beach in front of my house.”
I’ll pick up the trash when I go fishing.”
Littering causes negative effects. One person’s actions can protect life on this planet.”
“If our trash messes up our planet, it’s our responsibility to clean it up.”

A week ago, I gave a presentation on marine debris to 62 students at a high school in Chiba, Japan. It’s a fishing town, so many of the students are enrolled in the marine science course the school offers.

After the presentation, they wrote pledges. Here is a rough compilation of the results:

32 students: I won’t throw my trash on the ground.
5 students: I’ll use an eco-bag from now.
1 student: I’ll bring my own bottle instead of buying from vending machines.
3 students: I’ll reduce my trash.
4 students: No pledge.
12 students: I’ll pick up trash / clean the ocean.
5 students: I’ll think deeply about my place in the environment.

My favorites are at the top of this post!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch of you’d like Bag-A-Surf to give a presentation at your school or organisation.