Isumi Beach Clean & No Plastic Picnic Contest

In 2013 Bag-a-Surf is running the “No Pla Campaign”, a series of events to encourage people to reduce their plastic footprint.

We are delighted to announce our first event in the series….
Isumi Beach Clean & No Plastic Picnic Contest!!!!

When: From 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, 26th May
Place: Sangenya Beach, Isumi (meeting in front of the toilets)
What to bring: Beach-cleaning kit (gloves, tongs etc.) & your No Pla Picnic!
***What’s a No Pla Picnic? It’s simple – it’s a picnic that produces no plastic waste!

1) Beach-clean! (about 15 minutes)
2) Mini Presentation! (about 10 minutes) <a short, fun presentation about global marine debris in Japanese>
3) No Pla Picnic Contest! Let’s enjoy seeing what everyone brings, and then let’s eat together!

Participation is free!!!!